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Apecs Press Caerleon 2007
ISBN 978-0-9548940-2-3
Paperback £9.99

"It was my good fortune, in the twenty-five years from 1980, to illustrate for publication a number of the great traditional tales of the world, especially the stories of my adoptive country of Wales. Now I am urged to write an account of how that came to pass. I like that biblical phrase, "came to pass". In three small words it describes the whole process of life. Events come, in order to pass, and are followed by others, which in turn fall behind the next, as Time goes on its inexorable way. Everything comes-and passes.

I have had a generous slice of life's cake, and I have eaten every crumb with relish. Soon it will all be gone, and the plate will be empty. Yet, undeniably, it did all happen, and none of it can be altered or wiped out now. Any part of the past is as real as the present, which tomorrow will have joined. It would be nice to think, that somehow, somewhere, man's genius will one day find a way of tapping into such a record and re-living it all over again; or, to revert to my first metaphor, a way in which we can have our cake and eat it. I wouldn't bank on it! Indeed, I think such a marvel is as much of a fairy-tale as any I have pictured for children's books. So I will do as I have been urged to do, and make my meagre record."

Margaret Jones enjoyed a genteel upbringing in England as a Methodist Minister's daughter, and married a Welsh Presbyterian Minister who became a Missionary in India before his appointment as lecturer in Religious Studies at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.
The first part of her married life was devoted to the care of her husband and six children, three of whom were born in India. At sixty years of age, she began painting professionally and was soon recognised as a highly talented artist and illustrator, winning much acclaim both nationally and internationally.
She encapsulates her vision of life in the title of the book, adapting the Biblical quotation by simply inserting a comma - IT CAME, TO PASS, a philosophy aptly described in her last chapter.
It has been said that her images define the myths and legends of Wales in the same way that Arthur Rackham defined English Faery. Her talent for portraying people in all aspects of behaviour, comic and tragic, has sometimes been compared with the Flemish painter, Bruegel. Her gift is however inimitable and instantly recognizable as her own unique genius.
Her work encompasses not only Welsh life and culture but also includes her life in India and her keen observation and love of nature in the places where she has lived.

The month of May. Limited edition fine art prints of the twelve months are available from APECS Press, Caerleon.

A selection of illustrations from the book "It Came. To Pass".
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(Left) An allegory of the month of May from a collection of the twelve months of the year (1986).

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